Rose Oxygen Lift Facial Treatment



This facial will do for you "what spring does to the cherry trees".  Plump, blossom, rehydrate & renew! 


The benefits of this treatment are noticeably dramatic.  We refer to it as the" holistic chemical peel". 


The removal of the skin's accumulated, tired tissue cells are replaced with a vibrant, silken complexion and replenishing of essential collagen.  It delivers luscious moisture radiance, while restoring a protective ph equilibrium to the skin's mantle. 


Scar tissue is diminished as color, contour, and tone are favorably achieved. 


The face is groomed with essential plant nectars and epidermal growth factors.  1.15 hours $105.00


~ We provide generous applications of Sun Blocks with each treatment for the added protection from harmful sun rays.


~ After a facial treatment, we highly recommend refraining from sunbathing and outdoor exposure for the rest of the day.


~ Ask about our luxurious Liquid Silk Microdermabrasion treatments.




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