Purifying Facial


Encouraged for any age. 


Acne is not just a teen condition - it can occur at most any age.  Although hormones play a big part in its activation, there are many other factors and contributors that are often unnoticed, or unrecognized. 


Congested pores and tissues are unblocked and purified with ultra gentle, but effective, cleansing gels.  Light extraction work, followed by nurturing Sea Tonique mask to mend tissue inflammation, and restore elasticity to the inner sanctum of the pore. 


Scar tissue is addressed with homeopathic-based applications.

1 hour $85.00

Teens 45 min. $65.00


~ We provide generous applications of Sun Blocks with each treatment for the added protection from harmful sun rays.


~ After a facial treatment, we highly recommend refraining from sunbathing and outdoor exposure for the rest of the day.


~ Ask about our luxurious Liquid Silk Microdermabrasion treatments.



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