Microdermabrasion Treatment

Treat the skin from within, while illuminating from the outside.
Break down tissue barriers by a gentle "super slough" of the skin's course, dry, and congested conditions, and challenged pores. Silica grains ensure a safe, non-invasive exfoliation, followed by the deep penetration delivery of an abundance of antioxidants, EFA and Collagen-boosting "Synergy Serums".  Enhance this treatment with a mask or therapeutic beauty facial for a *NMF silky moisture glow and *Lipid infusion, restoring noticeable vibrant health to the face.
  45 min.  $80.00

  with customized mask 1 hour $100.00
  with therapeutic facial 1.5 hours  $130.00

 *NMF... Natural Moisture Factor ~ key to attracting and binding water, which is essential to a healthy skin.
*Lipids... essential for the prevention of water loss.

~ We provide generous applications of Sun Blocks with each   treatment for the added protection from harmful sun rays.   

~ After a facial treatment, we highly recommend refraining from sunbathing and outdoor exposure for the rest of the day.

~ Ask about our luxurious Liquid Silk Microdermabrasion treatments.





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