Glycolique Vino Renewal Facial


Soothing & hydrating cleansing gel begins to soften surface build up, prepping the skin for a raspberry/cabernet AHA peel. 


This treatment really does prove that "less is more".  Eliminating stress and adding more vibrancy! 


A rejuvenated exuberance glistens the complexion with a new life force. The face receives a rebirth of ultra moisture hydration.  Pores are visibly reduced.  Color balance is restored to hyper-pigmentation (discoloration). 


A collagen super-boost is greatly stimulated, enhancing a youthful & re-energized "plump complexion", delivering intensive nutrient cell regeneration and tone to luster-depleted skin.  1.15 hours $95.00


~ We provide generous applications of Sun Blocks with each treatment for the added protection from harmful sun rays.


~ After a facial treatment, we highly recommend refraining from sunbathing and outdoor exposure for the rest of the day.


~ Ask about our luxurious Liquid Silk Microdermabrasion treatments.




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