Anti-Stress Recovery Facial

Using apple stem cell therapy and renewing growth factors, this facial allows your skin to recuperate from dehydration, extreme sun exposure, hormone imbalances, dietary changes, allergies, medications, and environmental challenges. 


Resilience is restored to weakened nerve sheathes, elasticity is renewed to the skin's outer tissue & dermis network (the freeway under the epidermis). 


This calming aromatherapy facial is an ultra-customized treatment addressing the skins extreme "emotions". 


A soul tonic recommended for anyone challenged with trauma, grief, unsettled emotions, and heavy-heartedness. 

1.5 hours $105.00

~ We provide generous applications of Sun Blocks with each treatment for the added protection from harmful sun rays.


~ After a facial treatment, we highly recommend refraining from sunbathing and outdoor exposure for the rest of the day.


~ Ask about our luxurious Liquid Silk Microdermabrasion treatments.



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