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Because we customize each treatment, we invite you to inquire about our "Premier" package series specials.


Dr. Hauschka Awakening Beauty Facial


We begin with warm towel compresses infused with pure citrus essences, snugly caressed on the face and neck, welcoming relaxation and purification.  Followed by a gentle Melissa cleansing milk & soothing sweet almond meal exfoliation.  Aromatic ozone steaming deeply enhances product penetration and thorough deep pore cleansing of the face & décolleté.  A customized mask blankets the skin, while a tension-relieving scalp, neck, and upper back massage lulls away stress.  Dr Hauschka Rhythmical Massage movements & silky soft Spa brushes softly sweep a labyrinth lymphatic stimulation, leaving the complexion with a glistening, rosy glow.  Protective moisturizers and heavenly ampoules revitalize the face with ultra vitality.  1.5 hours $100.

Dr. Hauschka Mini Facial 1 hour $85.



Rose Oxygen Lift Facial Treatment


This facial will do for you "what spring does to the cherry trees".  Plump, blossom, rehydrate & renew!  The benefits of this treatment are noticeably dramatic.  We refer to it as the" holistic chemical peel".  The removal of the skin's accumulated, tired tissue cells are replaced with a vibrant, silken complexion and replenishing of essential collagen.  It delivers luscious moisture radiance, while restoring a protective ph equilibrium to the skin's mantle.  Scar tissue is diminished as color, contour, and tone are favorably achieved.  The face is groomed with essential plant nectars and epidermal growth factors.   1.15 hours $105.00




Glycolique Vino Renewal Facial


Soothing & hydrating cleansing gel begins to soften surface build up, prepping the skin for a raspberry/cabernet AHA peel.  This treatment really does prove that "less is more".  Eliminating stress and adding more vibrancy!  A rejuvenated exuberance glistens the complexion with a new life force. The face receives a rebirth of ultra moisture hydration.  Pores are visibly reduced.  Color balance is restored to hyper-pigmentation (discoloration).  A collagen super-boost is greatly stimulated, enhancing a youthful & re-energized "plump complexion", delivering intensive nutrient cell regeneration and tone to luster-depleted skin.  1.15 hours $100



Purifying Facial


Especially encouraged for any age.  Acne is not just a teen condition - it can occur at most any age.  Although hormones play a big part in its activation, there are many other factors and contributors that are often unnoticed, or unrecognized.  Congested pores and tissues are unblocked and purified with ultra gentle, but effective, cleansing gels.  Light extraction work, followed by nurturing Sea Tonique mask to mend tissue inflammation, and restore elasticity to the inner sanctum of the pore.  Scar tissue is addressed with homeopathic-based applications. 

1 hour $90.00

Teens 45 min. $70.00



Anti~Stress Recovery Facial


Using apple stem cell therapy and renewing growth factors, this facial allows your skin to recuperate from dehydration, extreme sun exposure, hormone imbalances, dietary changes, allergies, medications, and environmental challenges.  Resilience is restored to weakened nerve sheathes, elasticity is renewed to the skin's outer tissue & dermis network (the freeway under the epidermis).  This calming aromatherapy facial is an ultra-customized treatment addressing the skins extreme "emotions".  A soul tonic recommended for anyone challenged with trauma, grief, unsettled emotions, and heavy-heartedness.  1.5 hours $105.00



Microdermabrasion Treatment


Treat the skin from within, while illuminating from the outside.
Break down tissue barriers by a gentle "super slough" of the skin's course, dry, and congested conditions, and challenged pores. Silica grains ensure a safe, non-invasive exfoliation, followed by the deep penetration delivery of an abundance of antioxidants, EFA and Collagen-boosting "Synergy Serums".  Enhance this treatment with a mask or therapeutic beauty facial for a *NMF silky moisture glow and *Lipid infusion, restoring noticeable vibrant health to the face.  45 min.  $85.00

  with customized mask 1 hour $105.00
  with therapeutic facial 1.5 hours  $135.00

 *NMF... Natural Moisture Factor ~ key to attracting and binding water, which is essential to a healthy skin.
*Lipids... essential for the prevention of water loss.


~ We provide generous applications of Sun Blocks with each treatment for the added protection from harmful sun rays.   

~ After a facial treatment, we highly recommend refraining from sunbathing and outdoor exposure for the rest of the day.





Splendid Enhancements


We recommend the following masks as a splendid addition to your facial experience:


 ~ Deep Within Purifying Mask - excellent for oily or congested, challenged skin.
~ Aloe-Carrot Clarifying Mask - enriched with nutrients & antioxidants for sensitive, or irritated, skin.
~ Firming Mask - visibly reduces pores, diminishes appearance of fine lines, and supports skin elasticity.
~ Power Greens Rejuvenating Mask - restores equilibrium and life force to overstressed skin, and softens dry, hardened tissue.





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