Luxurious Body Treatments

Because we customize each treatment, we invite you to inquire about our "Premier" package series specials.



"Metamorphosis" ~ Contour Body Wrap
"Let go of the old world, and the new one will grow around you like a new skin"


Eliminate stored cellular toxins, as the HCI (High Caloric Intake) areas are targeted.  Warm applications of White Seagrass balms are painted on the body with our "Angel Wing" spa brushes. Mineralizing toniques are applied to help free up circulation, addressing sluggish cellulite deposits & the release of hidden organ octanes.  Dream and drift into a heavenly place, being tucked into layers of cotton~bamboo blankets (relaxation is always better within the folds of a top quality natural cotton~bamboo blanket).  The lymph load will be lightened, and weight loss encouraged.  2 hours $150




"Back to Nature" ~ Luxurious Back facial ~ Guardian of the Heart

"Guard your heart, above all else, for it is the wellspring of life"  Proverbs 4:23


Soothing herbal balms begin this treatment to allow the heart to calm down from the speed of the world.   A luscious body scrub is rhythmically massaged throughout the back, as dead skin is swirled away.  Warm Dr. Hauschka Lavender-Sage bath essence compresses are snugly applied to the back, for deep purification and sedate relaxation.  Feeling like a heavenly blanket, Dr. Hauschka Quince Body Milk is applied to caress, protect, and hydrate.  Invigorating Dr. Hauschka Rosemary Body Toner instantly brings an energized feeling and glow to the skin, while stimulating your serotonin to a blissful state, and bringing a pleasant calm to the heart.  45 min. $60



"Manna~fest" ~ Body Scrub
"And no one puts new wine into old wineskins… but, they put new wine into fresh wineskins,
 and both are preserved"  Matthew 9:17


Experience glowing, renewed, baby soft, fresh skin, as seasonal dead dryness, lifeless, chaffed skin is washed away with a body smoothie scrub.  Or choose the Glycolic~Cocoanut Manna~Milk Body Scrub exfoliant for deeper effervescent experience.  Both scrubs restore the skin's elasticity and moisture equilibrium.  Body ozone steaming ensures a deep enhanced penetration of the product effectiveness, and ultra relaxation. Become silky... transitioning skin from sandpaper to silk.

1.5 hrs. $115


Splendid Enhancement:
Dr. Hauschka Quince Body Milk rub further protects and preserves the epidermis ~ $20.00




"Sweet Dreams" ~ Herbal Linen Body Wrap ~ The secret place… "Resting in God's love"

"Lord, let your presence bless my life"  (Sam .6:11)


Soothing balms begin this treatment right behind your shoulder wings, to comfort the heart.  Quintessential towel compresses nourish the skin and encourage the immune mantle to strengthen & flourish, through healing blissful hydrotherapy.  The body will be immersed in a warm bundling of Oatgrass linens and Power Green Toniques, with applications of dream balms encouraging a deep dream slumber and essential body rest.  We refer to this treatment as "The Silent Treatment", providing regeneration to the body's temple, calm to the mind, awakening of the endorphin spirit, and opening of the heart.  An excellent treatment for the ultra-stressed and grieving hearts.  "Joy to the Heart" elixir beverage provided to sweeten your spirit & uplift your heart.  1.45 hrs.  $135.00




We also provide waxing services:

Professional hair removal by waxing can last for weeks and encourage softer and finer regrowth. We use warm, herbal honey wax followed by Dr. Hauschka’s antiseptic lotion and body silk to freshen and soothe your skin.  



New!  We are pleased to announce that Facials of Essence is now offering Luxurious Massage services.  Learn more about our skilled massage therapists on our Massage page:




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