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Face Masks/Coverings and First-Aid Preps are available.

Masks have a protective cotton lining to reduce skin irritation.


The First-Aid products available:
 ~ Holistic medicated hand sanitizers.
 ~ Smelling salts for emotional fallouts & flurries
Lip, nose, eye care lubricants are also available.


Masks range in price from $10-$20

Smelling Salts are $5

Lip, nose and eye care lubricants are $15-$38


For more info, please contact us at (805) 646-9747, or e-mail: facialsofessence@yahoo.com

We encourage you to continue taking good care of your health and well-being.


While it is easy to get discouraged, just remember "Tough times never last, tough people do".


And a few suggestions for cabin fever…

~ Reduce the time in front of the TV, especially news
~ Read stories to each other
~ Pray in the spirit
~ Meditate
~ Take a power nap
~ Clean out a junk drawer.
~ Make contact with friends - do they need anything?
~ Volunteer in your community

~ Take communion everyday, the meal that heals


President John F. Kennedy had a wise principle:
"Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country"

This relates to your local community as well.

Facials Of Essence, a Dr. Hauschka Skin & Body Care Apothecary ~ Our Commitment To You...


At Facials Of Essence, our goal is to endorse and promote beauty & health from the inside out, to provide a place of comfort & rest from the speedways of the world… a place of peace and bliss, to realign and mend the mantles of your heart, spirit & soul.
Come feel the love and re-enlivenment, as you surrender yourself to personalized skin & body care services of authentique alchemy. 


Reawaken your senses and feel wondrously refreshed as you "float"… feeling the bridging of energized optimum health and radiant beauty.  


These treatments are customized to not just treat the skin, but to penetrate deep, to treat and rejuvenate the whole being.  


"To transform your caterpillar to metamorphosis... into a radiant, blissful butterfly".


The Ultimate Luxurious Gift!

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